“95% of my pain went away after putting on the BBS back brace. It allowed me to return to work and has changed my life”
“I thought my days of playing golf were over, but the BBS back brace got me back to playing without any pain”
“I can take my dog for a walk again”
“I got my life back, my brace has been a lifesaver”
“Reduces my pain to a point where I can exercise again”
“I was able to stop taking pain medications once I got my BBS brace”
“When I threw out my back, my back brace was the only thing that could get me out of bed”
“I love the comfort of my knee brace, it keeps me active and pain free”
“I gained a lot of weight initially after my injury but the back brace got my up and moving again. I was soon able to walk and exercise again and have since lost the extra weight”
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